In his search for giant waves, Burle collected unique experiences in various parts of the globe. But Hawaii, Portugal and Brazil, his native land, where the places he chose to take roots after several surfing seasons.

Beyond sport practice, Burle was seized by the population connection, the fascinating environment, and the incredible energy unleashed at these coastlines. For these exact reasons Burle wants to share with you the uniqueness of his Travelling Experiences.

In personalized tours of 5-10 days, Burle will take you to discover what’s most impressive and charming in the popular destinations for surfers and nature lovers from all over the world. One can select between surfing activities for all levels, stand up paddle, visiting historical places, meditation, jet ski tours, yoga, meals at the best restaurants and more!

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After 34 surfing seasons in Hawaii Burle is undoubtedly the best guide a surfer can get to visit surfing dream places. The experience gathered with the Hawaiian sea, nature and people is used to lead you through the landscapes in a scenario that exceed everything ever captured in the numerous movies shot in the American islands.



Introduce visitors to his country is one of the greatest prides of Burle. The amazing biodiversity, the friendly people, the great food and weather are just some of the many things Brazil has to offer. There are several options in and out of the sea for all types of travelling experience desired.


Portugal is one of the top surfing destinations today! Coastal cities great for their surfing conditions are, increasingly, receiving tourists that in the past would prefer traditional options such as Lisbon, Porto and Sintra.


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