Carlos Burle is a giant waves hunter.

Synonymous of Achievements Inside and Out of the Water - A world reference for all surfers.

Born in Recife, Pernambuco, Brasil, living in Rio de Janeiro, Carlos Burle has an intimate and visceral Relationship with water and its movements. As a teenager, while the kids dreamed of being Pele, the soccer champ, he preferred going swimming. There was when he discovered what his vocation was: surfing. Carlos contributed to the professionalization and the creation of a new modality, the “tow-in surfing”, where the surfer is “towed” by a jet ski down the wave, to improve his speed an allow him to get bigger waves, he wouldn’t be able to paddle into. In addition to the giant waves surfer Carlos Burle is also "free surfer" and Travels Around the World competing in Big Waves Competitions and producing Contents for his Television show and his youtube channel.

Today, at 48, Carlos has won major titles within the sport. In 1998, the first World Championship in Big Waves Paddling, held in Todos os Santos, Mexico, has won the first champion. In California in 2001, Carlos surfed the world's largest wave so far, with 22 meters (70 feet), in a place known as Mavericks, California, something unbelievable for that time. This title earned him a mention in the Guinness Book of Records and the Billabong XXL Award, the Oscar of Big World Surfing at the same year. It was the first Brazilian, with the partner Eraldo Gueiros, to surf ocean waves at Cortes Bank, 100 miles off the coast of San Diego. It was the only Brazilian to participate in the Eddie Aikau, big wave event held in the birthplace of the sport, the Waimea Bay on Oahu Island, Hawaii, in which just 24 of most respected surfers by the community big surf are invited. In 2009/2010 season he won his second WSL/ BWT- Big Waves World Tour. And in October 2013, at Nazareth (Portugal), Burle was towed, by his teammate Pedro Scooby, in the biggest wave of his life - estimated around 30 meters (100 feet) by some experts (Dept. of Oceanography- Coimbra University, Portugal).



1998 – Todos os Santos – México

First Big Wave Paddle Surf champion.

2001 – Mavericks – Califórnia

72 feet height wave, registered as the biggest wave riden until then by Guinness Book.

2010 – Mavericks – Califórnia

Big Wave Paddle Surf champion for the seconde time - BWWT - Big Wave World Tour.

2013 – Nazaré – Portugal

In the same day that saved the life of his team mate Maya Gabeira, he surfed a estimated 100 feet height wave, towed by Pedro Scooby.