In addition to its great achievements in sports, Carlos Burle also undertook out of the water and today holds major brands investing in their projects. He set up his own agency for licensing sporting goods , communications agency for generating content , TV show among many other things ...


Carlos Burle is the protagonist of “Desejar Profundo” (Deep desire) programm , broadcast by Channel OFF (cable channel sponsored by Globo Television Group). The episodes shows how he takes care of his body , mind and spirit to overcome his own limitations and face huge waves in the main seas of the world . The program is produced by Fitti Productions and is boradcasted on Wednesdays at 10:30pm.


Carlos Burle will release a documentary telling his trajectory in the surf, called “Giant by Nature” . Directed by filmmaker Felipe Joffily , scripted by Gustavo Moretzsohn , produced by Carlos Sanfelice and filmed by Fitii Productions , the film is recorded since 2012 and today is being edited and finalized. According to the director , the production " is a documentary cruising performance and statements on issues related to common humans and consecrated persons in their specialties ."


In partnership with BodyTech , an online training program for surfing was developed , which can be done anytime , anywhere . Surfing is a sport that requires the entire body. It develops cardiovascular fitness , develops balance and motor coordination. To avoid injury and improve their performance and with this program , you'll learn the ideal exercise and stay well conditioned for your surf.


In partnership with Sextant publisher and written by Ghost Rider André Viana, Burle began working on his biography since March 2015 launch Forecast - 2nd half 2016


Carlos Burle is always looking for innovation and thus, decided to join major partners and develop licensed products with his signature. Have a look here..


Based on the methodology established by the surfer, the classes teach knowledge about the sport , discipline and quality of life. Practices take place in BodyTech Beach Bar Tuesday and Thursday in the morning.